My “new” Skincare Routine

Ok, so I was honestly debating writing about this, but I have had quite a few questions about my skin lately, more specifically, why it looks clearer and more “dewy.”  HA!  I took this picture earlier today to show you what I look like on a normal day, seriously, this is my usual hair, favorite shirt, minimal makeup.

Photo on 2013-06-17 at 13.14

With (minimal) makeup. Like some concealer and bronzer for this pasty face.

Thanks to the amazingness that is Pinterest (Love it!) I came across a method for cleansing your face naturally, inexpensively, and gently, about 3 months ago.  The Oil Cleansing Method has been around for a while, but is just now gaining steam again as more people look for homemade solutions to the processed, harsh, chemically ridden products commonly found in stores.  I read about the OCM on a few different blogs and websites before deciding I had nothing to lose and purchased the ingredients.


Ignore the Peppermint Oil, that was used for something else..

So what is the OCM?  It is a blend of Castor oil, Olive oil (or oil of your choice, could be coconut or sunflower etc) and Tea Tree Oil (optional).  I found both the castor oil (external use) and tea tree oil at my local health food store in the beauty section.  As for the olive oil, I used the extra virgin olive oil that was in my kitchen!  The castor oil (8oz) was around five dollars, the tea tree oil (2oz, which is a sizeable amount) was about fifteen dollars and the olive oil was about fourteen dollars for 48oz.  So you might be wondering, that doesn’t seem inexpensive..what is she talking about?  Well, I mix my oils in a 4oz container, using 3 oz of olive oil and 1 oz of castor oil, with 10 to 15drops of tea tree oil.

3 oz Olive Oil = $0.88

1 oz Castor Oil = $0.63

10 to 15 drops Tea Tree Oil (about 1/4oz) = $1.88

Total = $3.39

This amount lasts me about 3 weeks to a month and is both a cleanser and moisturizer in one.  So, I hope that explains how it’s more inexpensive than store-bought products!  My old face wash was $7.99 for 4 oz, and lasted me about a month, and my moisturizer was $13.99 and lasted about 6 weeks.  Needless to say, the money saved is already worth it, not to mention, I now know exactly what I’m putting on my skin and am not obsessively reading labels trying to decipher if it has too many chemicals or not.

The greatest thing about this cleansing method is the process.  You use about a nickel sized amount, once a day (usually at night) and it’s like getting a mini facial every. day.  Check out the process here or at the link above. The second greatest result of this method is the effect it has had on my skin.  I have few break outs (even around “that time o’ the month”) and my complexion is more even.  My skin doesn’t have the dry, flaky spots it had before and my pores have even reduced in size!  I’m a huge fan.  I mixed up a little for my sister to give it a try, and she seems to like it so far (still adjusting oil ratios to suit her skin type), but her skin looks more even and definitely more glowy than it was!

Lately (aka summertime heat and humidity) my skin has been producing more oil/sweat and I have been a little too oily on occasion.  To combat this and to add a nice cooling sensation in these hot summer months, I made a toner to use after I cleanse my face.  On a cotton swab I put some Witch Hazel and add 2 drops of tea tree oil, and swipe all over my face.  The result is like a mini air conditioning for your face, and the witch hazel (a natural toner) and tea tree oil (an antibacterial and acne fighter) smell awesome together!

If you need further convincing (which you shouldn’t) I’ll even show you a rare, no make up, picture of myself.  And on that same note; I used to love makeup, spent a lot  of $$ on the “good stuff”, and thought I needed it every day, and now I barely use any. So I’m saving even more money by not buying as much makeup!

Photo on 2013-06-17 at 13.18 #2

Zero makeup. Well, there’s some residual mascara, but that’s it.

If you’ve made it this far, thanks for reading this lengthy post.  I took a slight hiatus to finish the semester of school and hit triathlon training hard (more about THAT in another post), but it’s good to be back!  I hope you try this method!

What’s your favorite homemade beauty secret?

Do you have a favorite face wash?

Have you ever dared to go without makeup?

Tell me in the comments!