Where have I Been?!

I have never been one of those people who tries to convince others of my ‘busy – ness’ all the time.  Mostly because I think it is used as a tool, mostly by women, to convince themselves that they are doing more than others and are somehow superior due to their level of chaos in their life. Somedays I try to justify things in my head because “I’m sooooo busy.”

I’m calling BULLSHIZ on myself.  Time for some real talk, yo.

While yes, I do have a lot going on, I am by no means pull-my-hair-out, insomnia-ridden or mentally-fried due to my schedule.  Do I think that you have to reach those extremes before you realize that it is time to slow down, absolutely not, but I’m just saying that for me, I am relatively low stress.

So what was the point of that rant?  Well guys, I haven’t really worked out in weeks.  Yes, some of it was due to the fact that I was going to the chiropractor up to three times per week for a very real, and very scary back issue. Now that my back is feeling better and I can actually bend, (do you guys know how hard it is to get dressed when you can’t bend?!) I am trying to recommit myself to exercise.

Next week I am starting on-ramp classes for Crossfit. BAH! What? Yes, I’m finally taking the plunge I have been talking about for almost a year.  A box opened in my city and I am jumping on that train. In addition, I have reached out to the author of a blog I follow and we are going to be virtual running buddies.  YAY accountability!

As some of you know, I was supposed to run the Twin Cities 10k a few weekends ago and I decided to not run it.  I seriously struggled with that decision but it was the right choice.  I was coming off my first few chiro sessions and was feeling as though it would be very detrimental to my improvement to participate.


Finished this 5k in 41:00. I’m ready to beat that time!

What have I been mentally working on to prepare myself for this new stage of workouts? Well for one, I’m so done comparing myself to others. I used to say, I wish I could run like my sister, or I could be like that if I tried.  Well, why don’t I try? Why don’t I work on my running? I’m scared out of my mind! What am I scared of? I have no clue, but I want to dive into that deep dark unknown, and am giving myself full permission to cry if I have to, just so long as I do not give up.  I’ll be damned if I let my mind stop me again before my body stops. There is nothing worse than being uncomfortable in your own skin.

So Crossfit AND running?! Who jumps into a workout regime like that after doing nothing for a few weeks.  ME.  And I am determined to follow through.  Following my first month of intro classes at Crossfit, I will go twice a week. It ain’t cheap to join crossfit and I’m not willing to just give that moolah away by not going.  On the running side, I have decided to look for a 10 mile or half marathon (who am I?!) to run next spring.

Um, needless to say, training is beginning this weekend.  I am going to master a 5k first (in 8 weeks) then switch over to a half training plan.  So what’s this resurgence in working out about? Well, I have been STRUGGLING to lose weight. And now that I have my diet (mostly) figured out, it’s time to work on the second component.  Also, it helps to tell people and so I’m telling you guys.  My family and most my friends know, and I’m not one to sit here and act as though talking about weight loss should be stigmatized.  Chances are, if you look like you need to lose weight, your friends and family will be right on track with you and ready to jump in to help.

I remember when I sent out a desperate email about 2 years ago to all of my family, essentially begging them for help in regards to me cutting out gluten. I was still eating it every once in a while, and I needed them all to know I needed their help.  I expected support, but woah, not that kind of insane, unconditional love.

So while I haven’t started my training /workouts yet, I am writing to you guys asking for help! It’s already helpful to talk about it.  I’ll be on here (hopefully about once a week) to check in and give progress on the mental, physical and emotional.

Just because this post is lacking pictures, IT’S POMEGRANATE SEASON AGAIN!  Hallelujah! Rejoice!

Hello delicious!

Hello delicious!